President-Elect Training Seminar 1 (PETS-1)

Regional Training Centres Johor Bahru Johor Bahru (Mandarin track) Kota Kinabalu Kuching Singapore
Dates 13 January 2019 (Sunday) 13 January 2019
19 January 2019
13 January 2019
12 January 2019
Venue Trove Hotel, Jln Dato Abdullah Tahir, JB Trove Hotel, Jln Dato Abdullah Tahir, JB Zara Boutique Hotel, Harbour City, Jln Coastal, Harbour City, KK Chemsain, 172 Jln Rock, Kuching NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House, 9 Kent Ridge Dr, Singapore
Host Club RC Puteri Lagoon RC Puteri Lagoon RC Luyang RC Kuching South RC Suntec City
Organising Chair PP Jimmy Leong PP Jimmy Leong PP Kenneth Tan PP Regina Lee PP Joanne Kam
President Elects

Description and Objectives of PETS-1 Programme:

It is customary and mandatory for President-elects (PEs) to attend training before taking office.  As the PEs come from all over the District that stretches across 3 countries, PETS-1 programme is conducted in four different regional training centres.

PETS-1 is a 1-day training programme that provides PEs with and basic understanding of Rotary from three important pillars that will help PEs to run their clubs meaningfully and effectively. PETS-1 showcases basic principles and applications.

The 3 important pillars are described in the modules, namely:

  1. Culture module, which helps PEs to gain an understanding of their clubs, an evaluation of the people and behaviours and the operating environment the clubs are in.  This will help PEs to understand their clubs’ strengths and identify more specifically what they can do to improve their clubs during their term in office.
  2. Rotary Matters module, which outline the essentials of Rotary knowledge that PEs should be equipped with, and be able to articulate the values and principles of Rotary to those who have an interest in Rotary International.
  3. Leadership, which enables PEs to be equipped with the skills and knowledge of what Rotary leadership entails, and the essential skills to run the clubs.


The Programme:

Time Session Programme
0800 – 0830   Registration
(name tags, PEs & others learning materials pack, etc)
0830 – 0845   Preliminaries (Welcome Address & Introduction by Organising Chair, Administrative matters)
0845 - 0900   Introduction of participating PEs
0900 - 0930 1 1-1: Culture Module - Conducting a Culture Survey
0930 – 1030 2 1-2: Culture Module - Introduction to Culture
1030 – 1045   Tea / Coffee break
1045 – 1215 3 2-1: Rotary Matters Module - Rotary Basics
1215 – 1315   Lunch
1315 – 1415 4 2-2: Rotary Matters Module - Values & Principles
1415 – 1545 5 3-1: Leadership Module – Leadership: Principles & Applications
1545 – 1600   Tea / Coffee break
1600 – 1700 6 3-2: Leadership Module - Strategic Planning
1700 – 1715   Closing
(Feedback form, closing remarks, group photo)


About PETS

PETS programme is conceived and designed by professional trainers from District 3310.  The purpose of a defined, constructed training programme is to provide a consistent framework for learning by PEs who come from 3 different countries and from diverse club environment and culture.  While some clubs are from cosmopolitan cities in the District, many are from smaller townships and communities.

PETS is designed with PETS-1 and PETS-2.  PETS-1 is a 1-day training programme that provides basic understanding of Rotary from 3 modules (the pillars of learning).  These modules are Culture, Rotary Matters and Leadership.

PETS-2 is a 1.5-day training programme that extends the learning from PETS-1.  PEs are introduced to the more functional and operational aspects of Rotary so that they can learn to implement their plans when they take over as Presidents of their clubs.