District Team Training Seminar (DTTS)

10 February 2018 (Saturday)
Amari Hotel, Johor Bahru
Host Club:
RC Johor Bahru
Organising Chair:
PP Freddie Lee
Assistant Governors, District Chairs and committee leaders.


Description and Objectives of DTTS Programme:

This 1-day seminar is a training programme for incoming Assistant Governors and District Chairs.

It helps AGs and District Chairs to understand the overall functions and procedures of the District Team under the leadership of the District Governor.  The seminar shares the understanding of duties and responsibilities, knowledge and leadership skills for Assistant Governors and District Chairs and key committee members.  More importantly, the seminar rallies the team to support the goals and initiatives set out by the DG.

After the seminar, AGs and District Chairs will work and plan together to support the DG and the District during the term.



PDG Philbert Chin
PDG Andre Suharto
PP Kenneth Leow
PP Iskandar Ahmad
Ms Vanisa Lee
Dr Leong Sai Fan