The Covid 19 pandemic made it impossible to conduct the RLI course physically. In August 2020, a special team, spearheaded by yours truly, and comprising PP Alice Kunjan & Rotarian William Sim of RC Kinabalu Sutera, PP Kenneth Tan of RC Luyang, PP Leslie Yew of RC Likas Bay, PP Fred Tai of RC KK Mandarin, Rotarian Adelina Adna of RC KK Pearl, PP Chia Cheng Wee of RC Kota Formosa was formed and has been working diligently to develop a virtual training program. As Rotarians, we adopted the changes and started the first virtual RLI courses for Sabah region from 17 October 2020 to 16 January 2021.

Total registered attendance 64 with 17 Rotaractors. This is the first time RLI course is opened to Rotaractors as Rotary International has elevated Rotaract Clubs as member of Rotary International. If I may add, this could be the first virtual RLI in South East Asia if not in the Rotary world. Unlike the usual physical training event for RLI, we have conducted the virtual RLI sessions over many days. For example, on Saturday and Sunday evenings of consecutive weeks. There were pre-course study sessions for the participants during weekdays prior to the actual sessions.

Total numbers of volunteer hour spent 1,102. This is a huge commitment from the organising team, Faculty speakers, facilitators and the participants. It was a great success for the first virtual RLI!! Thank you for the huge contribution by Organising Chairlady PP Alice Kunjan and her incredible team, RLI Faculty speakers, and a number of Tech Hosts including PE James Lee of RC Singapore.

2020 1st Virtual RLI Sabah Region

After having gained good experiences and confidence in running virtual RLI, we started the first virtual Mandarin RLI for the whole district. This RLI event was conducted in collaboration with Hong Kong District 3450 making it a joint district RLI. Again, we have conducted the training sessions from March to June 2021 successfully. Total registered participants were 108 from 37 clubs in D3450, D3300 & D3310. The online training module was similar to the virtual RLI Sabah region but with further improvements on breakout sessions during weekdays study and actual sessions. During this virtual Mandarin RLI, we have developed a pool of experienced tech hosts/co-hosts and emcees/moderators from Johor region, they are our good resources to support virtual training events in our district. It was a huge success and total numbers of volunteer hour spent was 1,316 hours. Thank you very much to OC PP Christina Chin and her dedicated team members, Faculty speakers from both districts of 3310 & 3450


2021 1st Joint D3450 & D3310 Mandarin RLI

We continued with close collaboration with the District 3450 for the district wide RLI training program from 7 September 2021 to 9 November 2021. Total registered participants were 186 from clubs in D3450 Hong Kong, Macao & Mongolia, D52 Shanghai, e-Club One D5450, D3300 & D3310. It was an overwhelming success and total numbers of man hour spent for this virtual training course was 1,912 hours. Thank you to our OC DGN Dr. John Chan & his dedicated team, PDG Peter Wan, PDG Ada Cheng and 20 over Faculty speakers, capable Tech team, Ms. Ivy Ting and those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes.


2021 D3310 & D3450 VIRTUAL RLI