Welcome to the Rotary District 3310 Online Learning page.
This page has been created in April 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In view of the need to observe restricted movements and social distancing, it does not mean that Rotarians have to stop learning.

In collaboration with Rotary International Learning & Development unit, and in consultation with Convenor DGE Rajamohan Munisamy, the District 3310 Learning & Development Committee worked with District Webmaster PP Clarence Yong to construct this online learning page that will make it easier for everyone to access the Rotary International Online Learning. (pre-requisites: one has to have a My Rotary account).

The objective is to make it easier for club officers (and other Rotarians) in District 3310 to be navigated to the Rotary International Learning Center which has been configured according to your roles.

Each club officer’s role comprises of a series of online courses to complete at the individual pace.

The dashboard will enable everyone to see the progress of completed courses that one has completed based on the number of badges earned for every course.

Upon completion of each course, a certificate is issued and which can be downloaded.  We urged you to download the certificate for future records.

I wish to thank the team at Rotary International Learning & Development unit for the collaborations and support.

Enter to Serve and Go Forth to Serve.

Yours in Rotary

PDG Andre Suharto
District 3310 Learning & Development (D-LEAD) Committee

D-LEAD Committee Members


Incoming Club Officers Online Training

Online Learning Course based on Club Role

Please select the online learning course based on your club role by clicking the appropriate icon which reflects your role.

Upon clicking the appropriate icon, the system will bring you to role-based courses at the Rotary Learning Center. However you will be prompted to log into My Rotary first.

Take note that the composition of some of the learning plans are different if you accessed the online courses from here versus making direct access to rotary.org/learn. For example, under Club Membership Basics, there are 13 courses that are required to be completed if you access them from here.  But if you were to access the same by going direct to rotary.org/learn, you have only 8 courses.  Similarly with Grants Management Seminar which comprises of 11 courses tailored for D3310 versus only 9 courses if you were to access it directly at rotary.org/learn.  Therefore please access the online learnings from this webpage.


  1. Everyone is able to view badges on the ‘My Dashboard’ page. Go to the menu next to the Rotary wheel and choose ‘My Dashboard’. The leaderboard for District3310 should be able to show the top 10 participants in District 3310 currently. You can also click the ‘My Activity’ page in the menu to learn more about the specific badges in the badge tab.
  2. For club president: If you have not been to the Rotary International Learning Center before, please go to rotary.org/learn, sign into ‘My Rotary’, and ‘accept’ the privacy policy before clicking on the link to your learning plan.
  3. For other participants: If the link doesn’t work for some reason, you can search for the titles of the Learning Plans in the search bar in the ‘Rotary International Online Learning Center’.
  4. Should you encounter problems related to accessing the Rotary International Online Learning Center, please send an email to learn@rotary.org stating your name, email address, and the error message you received or a detailed explanation of the problem.
  5. The preferred browser to use is Google Chrome. Some users of Internet Explorer tend to report more problems.
  6. If you have problems to log into My Rotary, please send email to data@rotary.org.
  7. Rotary International is currently in the process of getting the mobile app version of the Rotary Learning center to be launched after the second half of 2020. Therefore, as of now, you can access the Rotary Learning Center using desktop, laptop, or iPad only.

Online PETS (27 April 2020 until 14 May 2020)

  1. Recording of online PETS on RI Strategic Plans session