Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Club Name: Rotary Club of Yong Peng
Project/Event Date: 1 October, 21
Venue/ Location: Yong Peng
Submitted by: PP To Seak Moi (rlemonto@yahoo.com)


Cash benefits boost poor families’ incomes, but we can’t control how and where they spend with this money which sometimes would lead to misuse. Hence, we came out with an idea of providing financial relief to the needy in terms of vouchers.

Family in need within our community will receive this book of voucher worth RM300 to purchase necessities and groceries at supermarket, to do medical check out or seek for doctor’s advice at clinic, to buy medicine or health accessories from pharmacy and so on, in certain stores that we cooperate with. To ensure this charity programme benefits the right candidates, a house visit assessment was carried out before vouchers were given to them.

In the end, this nonetheless helps reduce their household burden, but also ensuring they use these benefits  in the right ways.

We welcome people to buy this voucher with us, so we can passed it to those in need.