District Communications Committee

RID 3310 People of Action Poster and Video Competition

To promote Rotary public image, awareness, understanding and interest of Rotary by still based photos among all target audiences including Rotary members, Families, Partners and Public. The Poster/Video contents must be aligned with the concept of the People of Action campaign and brings the Rotary brand to life by highlighting what happens when community leaders within Rotary join together, share their vision, exchange ideas about solutions, and then take action to make it a reality. The Poster/Video may follow the guideline of “How to tell Rotary story”.

The Poster/Video submission must reach out to all target audiences via integrated channel including classical media like newspaper, newsletter, bulletin, magazine or social medias (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), indoor LED advertising screen or outdoor LED Billboard and effectively enough to capture audiences’ interest. It must be able capture the essence of Rotary and in the process attract people deciding to join Rotary as members, contribute to Rotary foundation or be Rotary partners.

This Rotary year, there is additional awards for Posters/Video those promote “Safe Roads, Save Lives”. The campaign is initiated by Rotary Thailand aiming to reduce deaths and injuries caused by Road traffic accident (RTA). The deaths toll is forecasted to be almost 20,000 this year. It has been agreed that the priority is to encourage all motorcycle riders wearing helmet 100%. Then 6,000 deaths can be avoided. All Rotary clubs in Thailand from 4 Districts has been joining forces with several Governmental and NonGovernmental organizations to tackle this problem since last December 2023.

Qualified competitors are all Rotary and Rotaract clubs of 7 Districts 3300, 3310, 3330, 3340, 3350, 3360 and 3450, Regional 12 or Zone 10 B&C, Rotary International. Every Districts, only by District Public Image Chair, are allowed to submit not more than 3 best Posters of each category (Total 6 Posters of 2 categories), either produced by Rotary or Rotaract clubs via Rotary Zone 10B&C website. The Rotary and Rotaract clubs are not allowed to submit the Posters directly. The 1-2 extra Posters from each Districts are allowed to be sent directly to the Rotary Public Image Coordinator (RPIC) and submitted to the website if approved.

The Poster submission will be opened during 1 October 2023 and 31 March 2024 by online process at https://rotaryzones10bc.org/

If there is any question or problem, contact Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinator (ARPIC) that supervises the District.
The competition results will be announced on 1 May 2024.

For any questions, do get in touch with your respective Club Public Image Chair.

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