JB Rotary Club Welcomes District 3310 Governor

JOHOR BARU: Rotary International District 3310 Governor Joanne Kam Huey Jiuan who was on an official visit to the Rotary Club of Johor Baru (RCJB) described her visit here on Feb 11, 2023 as fruitful, informative and enlightening.

District 3310 covers Brunei, Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan and Singapore.

Earlier in the day, Joanne, a Singaporean, visited the RCJB Hemodialysis Centre in Jalan Tun Abdul Razak where she was briefed and given an update on the running of the centre.

“The board and committee of the RCJB Hemodialysis Centre are doing a great job in assisting the needy to come and seek treatment here at a very low cost,” she remarked.

Joanne Kam visiting the RCJB Hemodialysis Centre in Jalan Tun Abdul Razak.

The centre currently handles some 70 patients who undergo dialysis treatment thrice a week with an annual expenditure of RM1.8 million. Some of the patients are subsidised by SOCSO and Health Ministry. But the centre has to raise some RM900,000 per annum on its own to meet the operational cost, maintenance of the place and other expenses.

“The machines need upgrading and the club needs funding but I believe the Club is doing its best to upkeep the centre,” she said.

She is happy to note that RCJB has become the first rotary club in Malaysia to have two dialysis centres. The other dialysis centre is in Bandar Seri Alam.

She said the subsidised treatment at the centre will definitely benefit many who cannot afford and for this she praised the committee for a job well done.

She stressed that the centre needs a lot of funding in terms of machine upgrading and the upkeep.

“I hope other corporate bodies will come forward to assist the hemodialysis centre as many people can’t afford treatment and need help,” she said.

She also pointed out that the other area which RCJB is looking into is dengue prevention and treatment which the team is working on.

RCJB is looking at is Basic Education & Literacy programme which they plan to upgrade the skills of the teachers who may move into projects in and outside schools. And these teachers need training.

She pointed out that caregivers need to be trained as the ageing population is growing and we need them to have the skills.

“We need more people from diversified background to join us in the rotary family so that we can have more resources,” she said.

She explained that a rotary club needs people who can contribute their time, treasure and talent.

“A club needs different vocation talent so that they can contribute in their own ways to the club,” she said.

Later, at a meeting with club members, she called on them to leverage on the fact that Rotary International is not just about Rotary Club of Johor Baru or Rotary District 3310 but on the international level.

“Think out of the box, do not do the usual things where you just donate and buy the machines but look at it from the international level and we can expand and reach out to more,” she said.

Speaking to the Rotractors from the various schools she called on them to work very closely with the school advisors and the school.

For the Interact Clubs in schools, members are reminded not to distance themselves from the main Rotary Club.

The young have many ideas and they can work closely with the Rotarians and offer their services from time to time.

“I am happy to note that a few of the Rotary members already have their children as Rotract and Interact members,” she quipped.

She added that extending our hands is important for the Rotary members and there is a need for more women to join the Rotary Clubs.

In his address, RCJB president Henry Chin said RCJB was honoured and privileged to host the District Governor on her official visit.

“The event received an overwhelming response from club members and their partners,” he added.

A dinner was held in conjunction with Chinese New Year festival with lion dance and the blessing from the God of Wealth.

Joanne Kam (seated second from left) and Henry Chin (seated second from right) with the young Rotract and Interact members.