District Communications Committee

Blindness Prevention Project 2022

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Club Name: Rotary Club of Bintulu Central
Project/Event Date: 8 May, 22
Venue/ Location: Community Hall of Long Sukang, Long Semadoh and Ba'kelalan
Submitted by: Linnie Lee (rcbcbintulu@gmail.com)

Overview: 8/5/2022 – 11/5/2022.  An eyes screening project carried out at highland of Lawas namely Long Sukang, Long Semadoh and Ba’kelalan.  A total of 17 project team members consist of 4 pax from sponsor, LDS Charities , 9 pax from RCBC members and rotary friend,  and 4 local youth leaders driven across from Long Sukang located 2 hrs logging drive from Lawas town, to the furthest Ba’kelalan, located 7 hrs from Lawas town which is near boarder of Kalimantan using 4WD. The screening project served a total number of 351 pax made up from 163 children and 188 seniors and 121 pairs of glasses with frames prescribed and 80 pairs of reading glasses were given. This community service project organized by Rotary Club of Bintulu Central, fully sponsored by YB Baru Bian, a local community leader and also LDS Charities,  the international humanitarian organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. The objective of the project was to offer vision examinations to access vision and ability to focus to primary school children and the elderly in three remote villages deep in the highlands in the district who need a prescription with the needed glasses and frames.  Children eye screening is essential and important for the early detection and prevention of eye disorders among children since time is critical in saving a child from severe visual impairment and possible blindness.   We too, learned that many elderly are suffered from cataract, a clouding and blurry vision but remain untreated as it is too far, too expensive and too obstacles to further the treatment. Please find RCBC face book page for more project’s details and photos