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10th December 2019, 7:01

08.12.2019 Sunday :
Four (4) young and cheerful Rotary youth exchange students from Johor Bahru who had recently been on an exchange in Kota Kinabalu & Kuching, together with 14 others, from 17th to 28th November, 2019 under the 1st District 3310 Inter-Region Youth Exchange programme.

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9th December 2019, 17:17

Dear President & members,
You are cordially invited to our Chartered Installation on 4th Jan 2020, 7pm at Austin International Convention Center. Our Fund Raising Ticket are at price RM120. Kindly RSVP with me by 26th Dec TQVM.
CP Goh Hee Seng,
RC Pasir Gudang Mandarin.

Dear President & members, 
You are cordially invited to our Chartered Installation on 4th Jan 2020, 7pm at Austin International Convention Center. Our Fund Raising Ticket are at price RM120. Kindly RSVP with me by 26th Dec TQVM. 
CP Goh Hee Seng, 
RC Pasir Gudang Mandarin.

9th December 2019, 15:17

Rotary Club Of Kota Kinabalu Pearl
Finally it's our term 2019-20 President's turn to cut her birthday cake!!

Datuk Dr Sharifah Habsah along with Rtn Adelina/Rtn Azalene/Rtn Majella/Rtn Denise and Rtn Hanna jointly celebrated their birthday at the fellowship & advanced Christmas celebration hosted by PP Datuk Suzannah Liaw at her residence


9th December 2019, 10:25

8th December 2019

PEARL PP Datuk Suzannah Liaw graciously opened up her home to host a fellowship dinner and advance Christmas celebration for Pearls and their family members.

The event also included the celebration of birthday Pearls for November and December 2019. Though this may sound mundane and even frivolous to some but celebrating each member's birthday is Pearl's way of saying thank you to each member for their dedication, time and effort not to mention at times own expense in volunteering to serve the community, hence giving each Pearl a sense of being appreciated and pride in their Club.

Among those who attended were Pearl President term 2019-20 Datuk Dr Sharifah Habsah, CP Datuk Adeline Leong, PP Datuk Dr Tarsiah, and PE Eliza Goh along with other Pearls and immediate family members

The fellowship dinner also had the pleasure of having AG Alice Kunjan from RC of Sutera

Some Pearls also invited potential new Pearl members who added more pleasure to the evening and they were namely -

1) Ms Cheah Lee Sun
2) Regina Makajil, both of them invited by Pearl Vocational Director Rtn Datuk Aminah Ambrose,

3) Ms Tracy invited by Pearl's PE Rtn Eliza Goh and

4) Mdm Alexandra Van Straten
5) Mdm Nalini Selvaraju both of whom were invited by Pearl Community Service Director Rtn Tulip Noorazyze

New blood is always welcomed in Pearl as we need more women to be involved in the Rotary world and it is hoped that these wonderful invited guests will join Pearl's army of dedicated and hardworking community volunteers

Being a Rotarian and serving the community at large can be hardwork, and all work with no play can quickly turn a Pearl's hair gray 😊

Hence the fellowship dinner is a way for Pearls to loosen up and have a bit of fun and at the same time enjoying each other's company. Being able to do so brings each Pearl closer to one another that fosters a sense of belonging in a big happy cohesive sisterhood which in turn affects teamwork and loyalty to the Club plus makes for a more effective Rotarian who can serve the community at large with a happy smile and an open heart

A big thank you to our PP Datuk Suzannah Liaw for graciously hosting this fellowship/birthday event ...

9th December 2019, 10:24

Dinner celebrations - A big thank you to our Guest of Honour Ms Low Yen Ling (Mayor of South West District), Sponsors, Donors, Organizing Committee, Rotarians, Golfers and Guests for participating and generously contributing to make the Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore Charity Golf 2019 a success!

We were blessed with wonderful weather, good company, skilled golfers, amazing prizes, novelty gifts and good food. And we are pleased to share that we raised around $138K for the Rotary Eldercare & Caregiver Centre.

#FRCS #Rotary #RotaryClubs #RECC #Eldercare #Caregivers #PeopleOfAction #ServiceAboveSelf ...

9th December 2019, 7:07

08.12.2019 Sunday :

A feedback & review session on the recent 1st District 3310 Inter-Region Youth Exchange programme (17th to 28th November 2019), held at Leisure Farm, was well attended by the youth exchange students from Johor who were recently hosted in Kuching & Kota Kinabalu, parents and District 3310 Rotary dignitaries including Governor Elect Rajamohan Munisamy, Governor Nominee Designate Joanne Kam, Assistant Governor CG Lee, President Steven Wu of Rotary Club of Straits View & District Youth Exchange Committee chair Dr Edwin Singam, committee member Rajakupal & committee advisor Choo Chor Tek. ...

8th December 2019, 23:02

Bringing the joy of Christmas to the elderly at Peacehaven nursing home today. It was such an amazing afternoon. I must thank my organizing chair, Rtn Grace Lim, for putting together the wonderful event with snacks, yummy buffet and whole setup.

And my dearest Rotaractors from ITE College East. You guys were nothing short of amazing. Ever so passionate and talented. Your self-made musical instruments were easy peasy for the elderly to make one for themselves and they had great fun pairing them along with the Xmas songs. The energy level was so high and you made their day indeed with your presence, your laughter and your companionship.

Thanks Teacher Advisor, Grace Angel. Because of you, we had the pleasure of enjoying the best choir. Filipino Voice Symphony – you guys rock!!

My Finnish 🎅, Rtn Juho Lääkkölä. Love your Santa charm! The elderly were sharing with us how happy they felt today with the beautiful Xmas songs and activities. To see the smiles on their faces is priceless.

President Terissa Tan
RC EClub of 3310

#ChristmasCheer #RotaryRotaract ...

8th December 2019, 16:46

PEARL President term 2019-20 Datuk Dr Sharifah Habsah and her better half Datuk Hj Faisyal Diego share fond memories about their last breakfast with the five Rotary Youth Exchange students from Johor not because the other breakfast days they shared together were no less special but because on that day 28/11/19, just before they were to fly back to Johor, Sharmella/Shantini/Danissha/Kurnia and Niq wrote beautiful thank you notes and cards that they made themselves expressing their gratitude and appreciation for all that Datuk Dr Sharifah and Datuk Hj Faisyal have done for them in housing them for the duration of their stay in Kota Kinabalu.

As promised in our previous posting on 29/11/19 these wonderful notes the students wrote are published here for the sake of highlighting the youths' commendable good manners and civic mindedness. In these pictures too they're proudly showing off the wristwatches that were their "surrogate parents' " parting gifts for them. ...

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