The Gift

The Gift A mighty sculpture in a gold, blue sky
In the cold and misty dawn, beautiful beyond wonder
Mt. Kinabalu breathes courage into distant souls; “come…!”
“Walk, run, climb, soar, but come! And thy hearts will live on my peaks forever.”

A man must write his own history
And with him Man’s own destiny
Kinabalu wakes a tired lover’s heart, burning a warrior’s soul anew
Making every step a joy, every pain a luxury
For which man would cherish, a prize that comes easy?

Oft a child is born, with a cry and a smile never been
And with him, a bounty of joys; love, hugs and kisses
And with him hope; a mountain of promises, an ocean of treasure
Yet, what greater present exists, than the present he holds; the gift of giving?
The gift of selfless giving, “Service above Self.”

The friendship of Rotary embraced him like a miracle
And like the mighty Kinabalu, his kind being grew strong, and stood tall
To follow a calling, to lead the call
That truly, life is too short to be little
To be all he can be; to ‘Be a gift to the world.’

By Iskandar Ahmad