Introduction to Rotary Global Rewards

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Dear Fellow Rotarians,
As promised this is a start in introducing Rotary Global Rewards. I shall progressively disseminate how this program works. Stay tuned.

Have you used Rotary Global Rewards — our member benefits program of special offers on travel, hotels, dining, entertainment, and more? Rotary Global Rewards makes your Rotary membership even more rewarding.
With Rotary [...]

Grants and DDF Application Guidelines for RY 2017/2018

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Club Qualification Memorandum of Understanding (The Rotary Foundation)

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Membership - A wake Up Call

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Dear fellow Rotarians
The year has gone by very fast and I would like to thank IPDG Michael Yee
for all his support, guidance and direction in coming up with ideas to
develop our District membership. Also a very big thank you to my
Membership Committee for their support in conducting the 6 Regional
Membership Seminars and in implementing a [...]

Enhancing the Club Experience

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Third Ager Renaissance Symposium

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District Third Ager Service Seminar

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District All Star Club President Award (2016-2017)
District Best Club Newsletter Award Form (2016-2017)
District Best Family of Rotary Award Form (2016-2017)
District Best Interact Club Project Award Form (2016-2017)
District Best International Service Project Award Form (2016-2017)
District Best Project with Public Relations Content Award Form (2016-2017)
District Best Public Relations Project Award Form (2016-2017)
District Best Rotaract Project Award Form [...]


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Creating new possibilities beyond the risk of blindness
By 2020, the number of people with glaucoma, the second leading cause of blindness after cataracts worldwide is expected to soar to 76 million globally. There is no cure for glaucoma. But there is hope with prevention, if the disease is diagnosed and treated early.

District Membership Seminar 2016-17

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Membership Update
PAG Khush Dastur
1 MB

Col 2016 - A membership FRIENDLY move
ARC PDG Leslie Salehuddin
1.8 MB

New approach to Membership
PDG Salim Reza
200 KB

Strengthen Your membership - Retention
PAG Khush Dastur
400 KB

District Alumni Networking Group
PP Perlita Tiro
300 KB

New Club Development
PP Mohan
450 KB